A&D Presidential Cleaning LLC
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A&D Presidential Cleaning Services
​We provide the following services: 
• Carpet Cleaning
• Floor Cleaning
• Floor Waxing
• Floor Buffing
• Window Cleaning (1st Floor)
Move In and Move out
Foreclosure Clean Up
• Pre and Post Events

We provide services for the following institutions:  
Office Buildings, Educational Institution, Healthcare Facilities, Financial Institution, Place of Worship, Day Care, Homes, Restaurant, Factories,Retail Establishments,Government Buildings, Warehouse, Apartment Buildings, Condos, Medical facility, Auto Dealership.

At A&D Presidential Cleaning, we take care to provide our customers with high quality services personalized for their unique needs.

Clean and Disinfect Bathroom
Vacuum all carpet and mats
Sweep and Mop all floors
Trash Removal
Clean entrance doors and interior glass
Clean entrance and reception area
Dust all desks, chairs, computers, pictures, file cabinets
Wipe and disinfect light switches
Spot clean walls 
Clean and disinfect 
Removal of Graffiti 
Clean and Disinfect drinking fountains

These are the normal cleaning services, but we can add additional services or design them to suit your specific needs.